TG Venture Postpones Vote on Flexi Group Deal

TG Venture Acquisition announced that today’s sharerholder meeting to vote on a proposed merger with Flexi Group has been postponed until Feb. 22. No reason was given for the delay.

The estimated redemption price per share is expected to be approximately $11.17 at the time of the meeting, an increase from the $11.12 originally reported in the proxy.

At deal announcement in December 2022, Flexi Group had a pro forma enterprise value of $205 million. The target is a workspace provider.

Redemptions following two favorable extension votes last year left approximately $9.66 million in the SPAC’s trust. 

Terms call for all outstanding shares of Flexi will be automatically cancelled in exchange for the right to receive a number of the merged company’s shares calculated as 74.7584 shares, each outstanding TG Venturer unit, comprised of one share and a warrant to purchase a share at $11.50. Warrants will be automatically detached. Additionally, Class B shares will automatically convert into Class A shares, which will be cancelled in exchange for the right to receive a share in the merged company.

Post-closing, Flexi shareholders will have the right to receive up to an additional 2.9 million shares based on the company achieving certain revenue thresholds during the two-year period following the closing. Read more.

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